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Welcome to the Montana Christian Journal! The Montana Christian Journal is a quarterly publication of the Montana Christian Business Directory that focuses on Christian family values and the promotion of those values in the state of Montana. Want to find out what’s going on in ministry in your town? Want to get involved with what God is doing in the lives and hearts in your area? Subscriptions are $25/year. You can qualify to receive a book by a local author for your additional donation of only $20. Help us spread the word to others and encourage them to get involved!




Our ministry is making your ministry as visible as possible. Are you a pastor, the director of a Christian non-profit, a Christian school administrator, a Christian author, or the leader of a small ministry? Do you need to get the word out that you exist? Are you looking to acquire volunteers, employees, clients, or customers? WE CAN HELP! There are thousands in our readership, and we would love to tell them about the opportunities God has given you to reach the lost for Him. Please consider advertising with us.


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